Our “Medium-Term Management Plan 2011-2015: New Value Creation” set the stage for our company’s growth, including the addition of new products and licensing agreements as well as consolidation of functions such as R&D, manufacturing, and management.

Now, our five-year plan – “Medium-Term Management Plan 2016-2020: Open Up the Future” – emphasizes our focus on discovering drugs that address unmet medical needs in multiple priority disease areas.

Our organization has identified four strategic priorities to open up the future:

    • Maximize the value of our pipeline

      We will use the most advanced research and discovery technologies to develop innovative medicines in order to help more patients worldwide, with the U.S. as our main region of service.

    • Strengthen awareness and use of the treatments we discover

      We aim to rapidly discover new drug candidates and to aggressively conduct clinical research to sustain our leadership, continue to address unmet needs, and help the most patients possible. By strengthening our presence in the community, we can more closely assess needs and collaborate with healthcare professionals.

    • Accelerate the development of our business in the United States

      Our priority is to obtain approvals to market innovative treatments. We have ambitious plans to build a lineup of products and an expert team focused on serving the needs of specialist clinicians and their patients.

    • Reform operational efficiencies

      We will continue to implement reforms to enhance our workforce, productivity, and community activities. We also will continue to strengthen our human resources initiatives to expand our opportunities for a diverse range of employees.